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Forex Factory and FXstreet Economic News Calendar

If we want to trade forex using fundamental analysis, we can use forex factory and fxstreet economic news calendar! from that data, we can get a little insight about what's going in some country, or at least our trade will not get burn after central bank release interest rate news! bottom line is economic calendar are very important! and also most of big trader, such as Bank, corporates, Hedge funds and etc. always use fundamental analysis to trade forex! so that's why if  we understand this analysis it can help our investment growth smoothly.

If you ask, which calendar that give the most accurate news result?  then my answer would be simple! some time accurate but sometime not! the idea using economic news to trade forex is not like technical type! you should know, market will need time to make adjustment! and if you take notice, there is some news that can change from previous result, for example unemployment rates, previous result 5% next week or maybe next day , it could be change to 4,7% the reason why this happen often and not just once, simple because it will take times to gathering all data from every states!

To understand how to read the whole economic news, is by understand the basic of macro economic, i.e GDP(market value) if you can understand how calculate GDP  using this formula Y = C + I + G + (X − M) then you can understand what most fundamental expert thinks! so the trick is to understand the whole thing, by identifying which variabel that related with and you should know what country types and size! for example, for big countries, such as US, UK and japan, Trade balance can give less impact on their economy, but for small country such as Australia and New zealand Trade balance can tell you everything! but if we talk about variable C,(consumptions) this is the most important factor that will effecting big country currency! the reason simple because, consumption are the biggest contribution on GDP calculation, that's why most big country are Marketplace! if you want to understand about fundamental analysis more detail, pls read my tutorial part 4 forex analysis

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