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Forex trading Tutorial For Beginners Part 3 Forex Trading Platform

Today tutorial basically about Forex Trading Platform! Every trader should know it feature! This could be handy in your forex journey! The reason simple because you will deal with it for the entire of your life ;) especially if you visit my blog often! And bookmark my blogs! Cause if not ;) hehhee, I have feeling, that you will not stay in this industry for about a year or so! Ok, let's skip that creepy part ;) ok, gentle man! forex tutorial begin!
Basically there are so many Trading platform out there, in fact some company built their own platform! The idea is to save the cost, and for long run, this could be saving them a lot of money, so don't be surprise if someday some forex company giving you offer and nice deal if you use their platform rather than MT4! And that's very common practice in every industry! Imagine if all retail trader use their platform, it could be jackpot right? If MT4 charge ten thousands of dollar every year, why not the new winning platform charge a half of MT4 fee! a.k.a easy money! ;) But just like I said before, I am not speculator, so let skip that hypothesis thought.

best Forex Trading Platform mt4

To be honest, most of trading platform that Broker Company provides is not friendly newbies! Some good, but some are bad! But let’s not talk about what good and what bad! Cause at some point, most of trading platform always have same feature! e.g. buy/sell long/short, stop loss and taking profit, Chart, Currency pair, lot, leverage, profit/loss and transaction report! No matter what platform we use this feature always there! The different between one platform with another only the skin and color! for some cases they use totally different programing language , for example Dukascopy, they have their own platform i,e Jforex! Visit this page and read by yourself (dukascopy Trading platform) if you already getting used with MT4 believe it or not, you will feel uncomfortable using their platform! Though after several times, you will get used to it! Still, I prefer with MT4, though! 

If I have to choose other than MT4, I will choose trading station from FXCM check here (FXCM Platform) to be honest, I already use FXCM brokerage, and I think their service are not that bad at all, Trading station that FXCM provide also not bad, first time you use their platform, even myself fell awkward, since their skin color are so bright, e.g. blue, red and yellow! Not so sure why they use that corny color! Not literally of course! But when first time I use their platform, and the number move so fast! Believe me ;) I felt amaze! haaha! Well maybe because of real money! And profit move so fast, ;) yep, I can't forget that moment I.e. newbies moment ;) lol 

Good news is, FXCM also provide MT4, if you already getting used to it, though for some reason I have feeling that they trying to tell us, to use their platform! Maybe I am wrong, but as far as I know their default platform are not MT4, so if you use FXCM, try to ask support staff, especially if you prefer with MT4, rather than trading station! 

If you guys, asking what Trading platform are the best from the best, if I have to compare MT4, with Jforex(dukascopy) and trading station(FXCM) then my answer would be MT4, actually there's no particular reason why I choose MT4, for some reason I always believe that every platform have their own value, if we compare with other, but since there is no significant benefit if I have to use another platform than MT4, then I'll stick with old fashion platform I.e. MT4, maybe someday, after so many years, and people getting tired with it, and then some genius people pop up, with new idea! It could be the new platform era! But to be honest that would be hard! Most of open sources software already proof that they are unbeatable! From time to time! Even the giant company like Google, can't defeat Firefox ;) so in nutshell! MT4 is the best trading platform in the worlds! 

Ps. Breathe with it, eat with it, and play with it! In just 2 week, I can guarantee that you'll getting used to it with MT4 feature! ;) trust me! Don’t forget to download MT4 software and create demo account, try it feature, over and over! At least if you make some mistake and making Mt4 error, you will not loss any trade! For some cases, if you try to upload new EA or Indicator, there's a chance your MT4 having issue, since you put the file in the wrong folder! I do that mistake in past ;) so no worry, if that happen to you! just delete that that file and you ready to go!
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