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Forex trading Tutorial For Beginners Part 1 Forex Mindset

If you want to learn more about forex,  You already came to right place! And today, I will give you a little tutorial about Forex Trading! Basically learn forex is not that hard! as long we getting used to it with forex stuff, e.g. Forex term, forex platform such as mt4, mt5, Risk Management, Money Management, Analysis fundamental and Technical analysis! I am pretty sure you ready to go ;) but at this moment, let's start to the easy part! i.e. Forex Mindset! 

Forex Mindset is the most important factor! And it's very crucial for long term forex investment! Learning about term, analysis and other management in forex! Are very easy! In fact! You can learn about it, in just 1 month! But it will be useless, if your mind set in forex go on the wrong way! What I mean is, if you think forex can make you rich! And make a lot of money fast! Trust me your investment will get burn, in short time! To be honest with you guys! forex are beast! They can eat you alive! But as long we stick to the plan, and not planning to make fast money! I am pretty sure ;) you can make decent income! At least in long run, you still make some profit! 

Do you know why most forex trader can't sleep well at night? ;) Seriously! This is real question! If you not believe me! You can ask any forex trader that you know, or maybe you have friend that trade forex! Ask him/her, are they sleep well at night? Of course the answer will be yes, from them! But my point is most forex trader are not sure, about their long term Investment! The reason simple because there is no guarantee that you will make profit for the next day! Some time you make profit, but sometime you don't! That’s why most of trader worries about their investment, in the next days! 

I know it sound scary! But good news is, there is another way to trade forex without knowing the nitty gritty of forex secret or what so ever! ;) I bet, you curious about that forex strategy! Right? Look the image bellow! You will see the interesting part in this image! Yep my trade from 2014, until 2015! Not too shabby eh! ;) 

Forex trading Tutorial For Beginners

My Trading strategy basically is not common! What I mean is, not many trader, use this kind of strategy, the reason simple because you will need to figure it out and accept! The idea that markets are unbeatable! So in order to beat market is by using simple strategy! i.e follow the market itself! ;) I know, it's to complicate to explain! That’s why I will explain this strategy more further in the next chapter! But let’s not hurry ok, cause as beginner in forex world! You’ll need to learn about forex term, Forex Analysis Fundamental, Technical Analysis, Forex Platform such MT4, MT5 , and also you need to learn about money Management and risk management! All of it are very important! So, in nut shell forex mindset is not fast money or easy money! Instead forex investment are slowly and steady Investment! If you have mind set like this, the chances to make decent and consistent profit are very reasonable! 

Ps. Change your mind set about forex Investment, not fast nor easy money, on the contrary consistent and long term Investment!

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