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Secret Trading forex To make consistent profit

If you want to know secret trading forex that can give consistent profit, you must read this article closely ! actually there's a few trading strategy that really works very well, at least for me, that strategy works! though, it's not short term trading strategy, that every trader dream of e.g scalper, news trades,daily trading and etc! short term strategy tend to fails! at least not works for long run! in past I already use news trading strategy, i.e combination between news economic with bigger trend! and not only that. in fact I also combine between weak and strong currency, so it make a triple combo! :D (trend,news,weak and strong currency)

at first it works very well and I make profit about 150% in just 2 week, but in the end! my account having a great loss! yep, Interest rate news! from the FED! seriously, that news are very dangerous! until now, I still remember, before the fed announce the news , I already put some trade, and then I analyze and compare to which currency that very weak that day! actually my prediction are quite accurate since I compare with weak currency, so the movement of that pair are not to aggressive or wild, but what I am not anticipate the spike movement! i.e Up and down in a second! it could be plugin trick's , but not so sure! and also I don't want to blame broker company for my loss!  ok back to topic!

Secret Trading forex

the very basic concept of my secret trading strategy are very simple, i,e follow to where market want to go! to be honest, from the first time I trade forex, I already knew for some reason, I can't beat market, because its to strong, and to many speculator in forex market! especially that years, in Abe era! you know what mean right ;) central bank playing arround with their price! of course market movement are not random! and we can predict using technical and fundamental analysis! but the problems is, market don't want to move that I want! (dream on) so, I keep chasing around to where market want to move! yep, I fail, to predict! 

but after several month, I remember something in past(2 years a go)! I read some trader in forex factory that discuss about some cool trading strategy, and a few of trader already test it out! and they said something about weird happen(phenomena)! in fact I already try that methods and test it out! for about 6 month, but I have no time to trade with real money, since my boss, want fast profit! but after I have a lot of time! I begin to find out and make some research about this strategy! :D I know you curious right now! about what kind of strategy , in my mind ;) well, you should keep on reading! and don't miss any single words ;) 

If you asking, is this strategy legitimate ? does other trader already try this strategy, or is this strategy comply with NFA rules! well , short answer, yes yes and yes! ;) to be honest this strategy are legitimate! and this strategy are not new, in fact some trader use this strategy! I am not so sure where people get this idea :D hehehe! seriouly, I just try and test it out and its works like a charm ;) I am not saying this strategy will make you rich or making fast money, but it will make market like tame beast!  from that, I knew, for some reason it could works! the reason simple because we have time to make profit! just like we trade in the morning ;) yep, they move very slowly and stable! ;) hehehehe!

ok, ok! I will give you a hint! ;) organic ...!  ooops! :P well, yo have to find another words! if you can find that words! find the thread in forex factory! ;) I bet you'll find something! if you think scalping, news trade, fundamental, price action really works for you then go a head stick with what works for you! but I have feeling that strategy not works well, at least not for long run! you can scalp using EA, but unfortunately when the fed announce their GDP drop 1% , your EA will fail! News trader also not works! simple because of spike movement that can touch your stop loss! price action ? does the history repeat by it self! heck no! :P

moral lesson of this articles is, you can't beat market, unless you can find a way to tame the beast, just like put the genie in the bottle! observe their movement and make some research! at some point it will create some pattern, even if its not! their movement will not to wild and still under control!

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