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Forex trading Tutorial For Beginners Part 6 Forex Strategy Holly Grail

Every forex trader! desperately want to know which Trading strategy that really works for their investment! I am pretty sure, you guys already search from site A to site Z ;) though you can't find any reliable Trading strategy!  Am I  right ? :) well, If  my assumption wrong! I am really really sorry :(  you can closed this page or push back button and find another lame and boring site, that tell you fibbonaci and stick candle can make you huge profit! or  try wiki  investopedia , but if you want to know Holly grail forex strategy from me read this article carefully! :)

Ok, here's the deal! if you really really new, in this industry! I recommend you to read my previous forex tutorial from part 1 to 5, if you finish read all part, comeback and read this articles again :)  who knows in previous part you can get some hint about forex holly grails ;)

 Forex Strategy Holly Grail

To be honest with you a few years back, I was in your shoes! try to find strategy that really works and fit for me! and most of forex site tell me, fibonaci, stick candle, scalping, and news trader! can make huge money from thousand to millions of dollar! yes, of course I just like everyone else! believe what they said! :) (poor b4stard) without thinking to long, I make deposit about more than 2k :), imagine what I feel, when I deposit money to forex brokerage ;) yep, I was so, happy!   I can't express myself ;) lol

Guess, what happen next? some of you maybe think, that I make ten or hundred thousands of dollar right ? not even close! hahaha! of course I don't loose all of my money :) as far as I know there's money left in that account about 1-2 bucks! :) lol so what your point(you said) my point is! it could happen to you ;) to be honest with you guys, there's so many people that loosing money in forex industry rather than ppl that make profit! :) in nutshell forex investment is not easy like you think! but it doesn't mean there's no other way to make profit ;) of course there is! you can said FOREX Holly Grail! :)

Some people will not admit about forex holly grails, but some ppl will keep silence after they found something that really really  interesting ;) yep, they don't want you to know :) you know about forex arbitrage? in past this kind of strategy works, but after a while not many brokerage will accept this kind of trading strategy! simple question! why not ? right :) maybe the reason why not all forex broker accept this kind of strategy simple because to many trader that already abuse, this tricks ;) who knows right!

Ok back to topic! there's a way to trade forex, all I can said is! easy way to get profit without fundamental, or technical analysis! but in order to do that, you need to understand the very basic of forex market and how they works! I already explained in part 1, if I don't mistakes, or maybe part 3 who knows :P (read all part)
the idea of forex holly grail basically are very simple, i.e we have to make forex market not wild as it used to be! we can do this if we try and implement some of strategy! maybe not all forex trader try this strategy, but for sure, if you try this strategy you'll find out, this holly grail really exist! ;) but I have to be honest, this strategy will not make you rich in one night! but you can make profit! at least for long run, this strategy can make you decent profits!

to be honest with you, it's really hard for me to tell about everything! but one thing that I can give, i.e a hint! :) you see the image in first paragraph! zoom that image, and see what make that image so interesting! yep. I trade more than one years, and still there with profits! i.e stable movement! :) if I were you, I will find another missing part! without that, you can't get the whole idea about what I am talking about (forex holly grails)

Ok, guys, I think that enough for today tutorial! :) bookmark this blogs, who know I slip my tongue :P (lol) and reveal forex holly grails! who knows right ;)

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