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Forex trading Tutorial For Beginners Part 8 The last Part

I assume some of you that reading this article about forex tutorial already knows about Trading forex, or really have no idea about forex :) if that so, that's perfectly normal! I mean we all learn from scratch right ? from nothing to know something and then know almost everything that we do i.e Forex Trading! to be honest with you guys, when I first jump to this business! I also don't know about forex sh1t!  e.g forex term, forex analysis, forex money and risk management, and etc. but since I have times to learn, I begin to read some stuff from other blogs and website that talk about forex! from there I learn 1 or 2 things!  if you ask, does learn forex from blog or site worthy ? well it depend on you! most of the trader think that they are smart! :) until they facing a great loss ;) then you begin to understand how shallow we are!

To knowing and learn about forex is not that hard, in fact very easy! even 9 years old girls can understand forex better than me! but if we asking how to make profit consistently ? that's would be 1 million dollar question! :) or maybe 1 trillion question worthy! in nutshell learn forex are easy, but to make profit is hard as h3ll!  since this last part tutorials, and I could be leave this blog for very very long time, maybe I will give something for you to remember :) hehehe! ok lets start,  forex tutorial begin ;)

Forex trading Tutorial For Beginners

Anyone can make profit in forex, but to achieve consistency is not easy, simple because we can't predict markets when they will move! of course we can predict to where! because in forex only 2 option, i.e Buy and sell or up and down! but we can't knowing for sure , when they will move! for examples, UER/USD pair is Down Trend, so the most reasonable action to make profit with that pair is by short/sell EUR/USD, but do you think, if we just short eur/usd pair we make profit ? yep, we don't know right ? :) if you just trade forex about 1 or 2 or maybe 100 times! you still have optimism to trade over and over! but if you already trade for so many years, and make ten thousand or more trade in your life! ;) I am pretty sure, you will ask a questions in yourself, is this good or bad ;) heheehe! the answer is bad! so in order to make good! you have to find another ways! there always be a ways to cr4ck markets! simple because there's no perfect system.

as beginners in forex industry you should learn about everything that available! e.g forex analysis, forex term, forex management money and risk, and many more! learn all about forex will help you to understand your investment better than anyone else! at least when you find some Trading methods, it doesn't go on wrong ways! to be honest with you, last time I have friend that saying about forex market its like audio or radio wave or something like that! and bad news is he's 1000% confident that he can make big profit and rich with this kind of methods! and then, you know what's the end of the story :)

If you believe or facing same story like my friend do! please STOP! :P  before it's to late and loosing big money! the best trading methods that you can find, basically have similarity with old methods! such as, carry trade, News Trades, daily trend, price action , maybe scalping works, as long its already tested for more than 3-6 month! Organic hedging, Three ways hedge and etc. find and learn this kind of methods! and then develop with your own style! just FYI NFA allow organic hedging! but nedging are not allowed i.e buy and sell on the same pair! read the rules here (NFA HEDGING)

The conclusion for forex tutorials last part is, learn everything in forex that already exist! e.g forex term, forex analysis,forex broker, forex strategy, forex management and etc. and then develop that strategy that already exist with your own style! my suggestion for beginners is Hedging! learn about this trading strategy! it's quite safe! you wont get rich with this strategy but it can offer consistency and safeness from my POV, after already make some profit, try technical or scalping or what ever to increase the profit! then use signal services! but the idea is start with slow and then aggressive! if you already bored with hedging! that's way, I recommend you to learn everything about forex! I hope your forex Investment can increase and make nice profits ;)

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