Thursday, May 21, 2015

Does Forex Scalping strategy Profitable ?

If you want to know about forex scalping strategy, you must read this page immediately! the truth about forex scalping system strategy based on my personal experiences, actually this kind of strategy are brokers Favorites! the reason simple because you will not win forex using this kind of methods! at least you can't survives in forex industry if you use scalping strategy to make profit

But of course for several cases I could be wrong though! but I really doubt this kind of strategy could make consistent profit! what about scalping Robot ? if you ask ;) well there is one thing that robot can't do, and only human can, I.e read the news! as you already know when important news come out usually market will go wild! and when this happen scalping robot can ruin your forex account! because from the first beginning EA can't read the news! and to be honest with you guys, EA is only bunch of crap codes! seriously! you can ask any robot maker , ask them what they input in their programs ? I bet they put -10 fibonacci , moving average 20+ oscillator, 50 MACD(not Macdonald guys :)   and so on and on :P

So the big Questions is how to make scalping strategy works ;) ? well guys! just like I said before, there always be a way to Rome! to be honest I really doubt this can be done! but since I am typical open minded person! so my bet is scalping can works, as long the robot maker can find the solution to dampen economic news impact! if they can solve this nightmare, well, maybe, just maybe they can hit jackpot ;)  but do you know there's one of my forex articles that can solve news problems ;) just to remind you though! :)

Note: If you you buy forex robot scalper bellow, through my affiliate link, I get commission from CB! though it will not have any effect from your side because the price remain the same, and if you have objection with that, you can delete cookies and I don't get anything.
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