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Forex trading Tutorial For Beginners Part 11 Secret Strategy

After reading and thinking my previous articles from part 1 to 10,  there's no significant value! and I am afraid most of the people will confused! since I am in good mood :D so I decide to tell my secret  Forex strategy ;) but before we go into that, please read my another articles! from part 1 to part 10 :D

forex secret Strategy 

I assume everyone that visit this page, already read tutorial part 1 and 10,  if you already know about forex, actually you don't have to read anther part, it just for beginner or for someone that really new in this industry! :)

OK, lets start to discuss my secret strategy! ;) basically my trading strategy are very simple! some people call this strategy as Organic Hedging! to be honest with you, at first time I try this strategy, I really doubt , that it will succeed! but after 1 years trading, as you can see! at picture above, my trade start from 2014.01.23 and today 2015 05.20! it mean organic hedging really do his jobs ;) after one years watching and observing! DD level never reach  50% in fact it never happen! of course I already calculated almost everything! as you can see, I am not technical trader ;) yep! I believe technical doesn't have benefit if we use for forex! but it doesn't mean other people that use technical analysis will not making profit! I believe every people in this industry, have their own way! I.e their secret strategy :D as long it make profit, nobody cares!

the Idea of Organic hedging(wiki Hedging) basically currency pair that we trade will cover each other! if pair A loss, pair B will make profit while pair C will make adjustment and balancing from overall trade! but at some point! it will move and follow the major trend! and also fundamental factor taking part on this strategy and movement! so that's why! I urge you to read my other tutorial! otherwise you will confused about everything! one thing that I must said! this is not short term trade! so if you fast boring guy, don't use this strategy! cause you'll need a week or month to see the result! :)

My 2 cents

Try this strategy and test with demo account! watch and see about 6 month or 1 years! make some observation and research about which pair that you choose! and remember, this strategy will need Fundamental understanding, or at least you already know about forex stuff! because with that way, you'll have no trouble at all, to implement this easy strategy! ;)  the reward of this strategy is you'll never ever bother with other news, technical, market sentiment or what so ever! and also in the end of year, you will get nice profit ;) you'll understand about what I am saying after you learn this strategy about 1 years or so! :)  and one more thing! you should combine this strategy with another to kill boredom! but if you busy ppl types, and don't have time to trade every minutes, then I am sure! this strategy are the holy grail ;)


After thinking for a while, I think this strategy relay on Technical but not pure cause some fundamental needed, though news high impact, can not break this strategy as long you know

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