Friday, May 22, 2015

Most Profitable and Simple Forex Trading Strategy That Works

Do you want to know the most profitable and simple forex trading strategy that actually works ;) I bet you do! to be honest with you guys, there is one strategy that I always use to make profit! good news is you don't need to be an experts in finance, math, forex, market or what so ever! but of course you need to learn this strategy! otherwise you could be fail to implement and stuck for good! ;)

I know this strategy sound scary! but it doesn't really matter, as long you use Demo account! I am sure, your life will be just fine ;) ok! lets talk about forex strategy that really works in forex industry ;) shall we.

first of all if we use old strategy to make profit  it doesn't works! if you ask what is old forex strategies ?  e.g news strategy, scalping strategy, price action, technical, and etc. maybe that kind of strategy doesn't works, only for me :) but I am sure most you that use strategy, could make some profit! many reason why this happen, e,g you smart than me, you have a lot of time, and maybe you have good analysis! but if you like me! e.g not smart,don't have time and don't have good market analysis, my secret strategy could work for you! :)

Basically my strategy to make profit is not complicated at all! in fact very simple and profitable! especially if we trade in the end of years! simple because of market price adjustment! if you see price movement of some currency pair, and it could be any pair maybe EUR/USD, USD/JPY or AUD/USD,  if you look closely one of the pair, could move very drastic in first January! some people called price gap! but personally I call that phenomena are price adjustment! 

I bet! now you curious about my secret strategy ;) hehehe! well, to be honest! in some of my articles! I already explain the way , I trade forex and how to take advantage from market loopholes! and good news is I already test more than one years, and until today that strategy making me nice profits ;) 

well... what are you waiting for ;) read all my pages!

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