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25 Profitable Forex Strategies You Must Learn

Forex Strategy basically are very important! because it can help your forex investment survive in long run! there's so many forex strategy that available in this Industry, learning all strategy will not hurt your investment at all! at least by doing it, you can decide which strategy that fit with your personality! bellow are a few list of forex strategy!

In the end, we have to decide which strategy that work best for us! but at this moment we should learn all forex strategy from A to Z! of course by doing it will take you a lot of times to understand! it could be months or even years! :) I know it can bored you to death! but what if I tell you learning all this can make your investment survive for many many years ;) no more hard works, worry about money, economic news, Interest rate change from central bank and etc! ;)

profitable forex strategy

when I first trading forex, I try scalping strategy and use a lot of indicator in my MT4 from Fibonacci, MACD, MA, and etc. even my self confuse with so many indicator in MT4, in first month I make some profit! I invest about $100, with in a week my account reach $150, yep 50% profit! in the next week, I am not so sure what happen, I only know market move very wild, and then I lost everything! and then I ask some trader about what happen, they only said, its economic news impact! usually when important news result are not as prediction, speculator will take profit by trading huge number of money and shock the market and hopefully everyone will follow that bluff! this kind of event always happen almost everyday, but maybe news that have high impact only 1-3 per week! 

from that experiences, I become interested with News trading strategy! and think about Pareto laws! we only trade when important event, to make big profit!  and then I learn about Economic fundamental, learn GDP, and what the reason depreciation, devaluation of currency, after a few weeks, I begin to understand how it works! the only question is that really works, If  I implement to news trading strategy ?when I first try news trading its not easy, cause every time  news result comes out, market movement become so wild and unpredicable! but after learn 1 or 2 stuff, and then combine with another analysis! I start to make profit! but after 2-3 week, this strategy looks dangerous! and then I start to learn another and other!

Finally I found some strategy, not hard to learn, not complicated, no worry about economic news, and also set and leave! but the profit that I make using that strategy its not big, maybe very little if we compare with news trading strategy! when we use news strategy we can get 150% per week, meanwhile if we use this strategy! we only get about 50% per year! but this strategy are very reliable and consistent! well, if you want to know my strategy, all you need is to read all my articles!
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