Friday, September 18, 2015

Best Forex Strategy for Consistent Profits

there is one strategy to make consistent profit in forex, even my self already try this and it works! though it will be hard since not many people discuss about this strategy! and it seem people tend to think technical and fundamental are the best bet to win this game! to be honest with you guys, at some point technical and fundamental analysis fails big time! but I do understand technical and fundamental are just analysis but most of forex strategy basically came from those analysis! e.g News trading(fundamental) intraday (technical) scalping(technical) and etc.

Do you ever wondering why the H3ck most forex trader loose all the times! in fact some research tell us, less than 1% that really success in this forex industry !( at first I never thought trading forex it's so d4mn difficult! let's be honest guys, trading forex looks easy! but when we trade real money, most of the time we always loss, and because of that it's really hard to achieve consistent profit in this industry! for me that already trade forex in many many years, it doesn't change anything! but until one day, I found some interesting strategy that really works to make consistent profit! at first I really doubt that strategy could works for long term! but I test my self and I quite surprise! :P 

as you can see, I trade for about 1 years, from 2014, untill now! 19 sept 2015 ! weird ehh :) to be honest with you guys, this strategy doesn't involve anything, such as technical or fundamental! but it works for long term! 16k , not bad right :) in previous article I already explain about my strategy , I.e Hedging! basically my strategy to make consistent profit are by using hedging strategy! as you can see, I only trade about 2 times, even if you see there's 6 trade that I make, but I only trade 2 since my syatem using organic hedging!

Not many forex trader using organic hedging to make consistent profit, because this strategy is not easy, you have to understand the trend, and to where they will go! if we already figure it out, we just need to put 3 pair and that's it! very simple! no technical or fundamental needed!  in past this strategy called as arbitrage! some brokerage company will banned this kind strategy! not so sure why, but for sure it works like a charm ;) hehehe! well guys, your homeworks today is, learn about what is Hedging, what is organic hedging, and what is arbitrage! once you clear about those 3 things, come back and read my other pages ;)  after that you will!  get consistent profit from froex ;) trust me it works like a magic ;) HUEHEHEHE!

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