Friday, September 18, 2015

Easy Forex Strategy For Beginners

are you looking for easy forex strategy for beginners? if you want, I can tell you some good forex strategy that actually works! yep,  even if you just beginner in forex industry! actually it doesn't matter! everyone can trade forex just like a pro! but of course I will play hard to get ;) hehehe! well, to be honest with you guys! I spent more than 4 years trading in forex, and loss so many times! so, if I just give you like that ! that would be uncool right ? ;) well maybe not! :P hehehehe!,

well, here's the deal! I will give you some hint to work for! i.e Hedging! read and absorb about hedging! try to understand what in mean, remember! when I said Hedging it mean Hedging! not Nedging :P there is a different between Hedging and Nedging! Nedging are short for Newbies hedging, i.e buy and sell at the same pair! mean while if we talk about hedging it will related with organic hedging, of course if you just beginner it will hard to understand how it works! but once you understand about hedging, your life will be much easier in forex industry ! I will guarantee that! ;)

If you already read in wiki, or investopedia or where ever it is! come back and visit this pages(25 Profitable Forex Strategies You Must Learn) just like I said before, the deal is, you must understand what is Hedging, once you get the whole idea, if you read my other pages, you will understand how it works! of course I am not the first one, that find hedging really works! some trader already try it before, in years of 2000 something! you can find at forexfactory, some of that page will explain how it works! and even myself already try that strategy and it really works! for sure! no worry guys, I will give this strategy for free without spending a dime! :)  but the deal is a deal right ? now go, to wiki or investopedia! and read about hedging :) 

Good luck guys! :)
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