Thursday, September 3, 2015

How To make Forex Strategy Really Really Works

How to Make Forex Strategy really really works! and make profits for long term? well, I already been there, trying one to another, from scalping strategy, News trading strategy Combination, etc and etc! do you think forex strategy could works ? well, I must say and to be honest it doesn't works! to be honest with you guys, if we see someone trading forex it will looks easy, but when we try by ourself! ;) aha! if you know what I mean ;)  

Most forex strategy will not works ! or at least not for very long! maybe 3 or 6 month, it will works! but for 2-4 years, I really doubt it works! in nutshell, most forex strategies fails! but it doesn't mean there's no other way to make profit! of course there is! but as you can see, most forex trader that can survive only small percentage, from 1 thousand trader, maybe 1 or 10 trader that can be successful!  

If we pay attention, basically forex strategy only using 2 analysis, that's why there's 2 type of strategy! Technical strategy, e.g entry strategy, Scalping strategy, resistance, london break out and etc. and fundamental strategy! e.g Carry trade strategy, News trading strategy, and etc. from my 4 years doing trading forex, for some reason I realize, market are really hard to predict! even George Soros sometime fails! this is a very good indication, that market are unpredictable! but of course, as long we use proper money management and risk management our trading account, can stay for long term! but unfortunately we can't change that market still unpredictable! so If stubborn and still keep analyze market over and over, if don't have enough capital and good resource about where markets want to go, I really doubt you can make profits in forex!  in a nutshell, you will loose no matter what strategy that you'll use! simple because unpredictable!

But there is one way, and you can say, unique strategy that you can use, without fundamental, or technical knowledge! this strategy could works, simple because you can tame the beast, but if we trade on market that really wild, it would be hard! so the big question is, what is the strategy that really works ? well, just dig in, my other pages! you will find my secret strategy ;)
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