Friday, September 18, 2015

Tutorial Trading Strategy From FXCM

I still remember when my first trade with FXCM, I invest with them about 2k usd, not much, though for me its pretty big money! :) before I trade with real money,  I read their tutorial first! yep at , just like everyone else I guess! read here and there, and good news is, they will give you free signal every day directly to your email! and if you okay with their signal, you can trade with your account! if I don't mistake you can do autotrade with their signal, but I never really try them, not so sure why!  but I got their signal almost every day in my email, sometime I look just for consideration, who know their analysis could be match with my! :) 

as far as I know and most of the time their analysis is about major pair currency, such as EUR/USD GBP/USD, USD/JPY and etc! meanwhile I trade using many pair, since my strategy is to find and compare between strong and weakest currency! the idea of my strategy actually to get easy profits! because when we trade weak and strong currency, most of the time you'll get easy profit and sometime it could last for a whole day! for example if we find the strong currency in that day is USD, meanwhile the weakest currency are EURO, I will try to trade EUR/USD! and most of the time I will get profit simple because there's no fight from EURO! not so sure why, but it  works! 

Another reason why I am not big fan with Free FXCM signal is because most of their analysis using technical! which is, I am fundamental type! so I rather not to follow their advices! :P hehehe! but if I were you, I will try them once a while, maybe trade with small lot maybe 0.10 or 0.25 lot, try their signal for about a week or month, and see what result that you get! but if you not comfortable you can use demo account, and see what happen ! if their signal really works why not, to use them more often! when I said not using them, it doesn't mean their signal bad or something! I just not big fan of technical analysis, that's all :) 

a few tips from me! not all signal are good even its from big company! but it doesn't mean their signal are bad! since they have a lot many many years of experiences in forex industry! but to make sure, use to what ever it need, it's your hard earned money ! so, If I were you. I will make sure that my money will not go for nothing! and loose just like that :) 

well guys. don't forget to read my secret strategy ;) its all your! and its free :P
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