Saturday, September 10, 2016

Best Trading Platform For Beginners Day Traders

best trading platform for day traders

if you want to know about Best Trading Platform For Beginners Day Traders find out now! basically there are many platform that you can choose! from MT4, MT5, Trading station, Jforex, Streamster and many more! Some forex broker sometime, provide their own platform! the idea is to save the cost and maintenance fee ! as you know(or maybe not) broker need to pay a fee to MT4! and the cost could be tens or even hundreds thousand dollar! so imagine if they can build their own platform, for sure they can save a lot of money, especially for company that already have a lot of costumers! such, as Dukascopy, FXCM, OANDA, agea, and etc!

But if you asking which one better, the real answer would be depend on many factors! such as your habit, love new stuff, and new challenges!  for me personally I prefer with MT4, the reason simple because I already use that platform from many many years! but if you asking, what about the other platform, is it friendly user or not ?

well, from my experiences actually I already try all of them that I mention above! and I have to be honest, MT4, are my second favorite! but after year and years, I prefer to choose Mt4, the reason simple because many forex developer stick with this platform! it mean, there will be a lot and new indicator EA and Robot for MT4, for some cases, there is an indicator that can be use for every platform, but unfortunately it will needing a complicated setting, so if we don't use Mt4, we could miss great Indicator or EA! 

for day traders for sure you will need the best indicator! I can't mention what best indicator are, cause for me most of indicator are same! but there is one indicator that I always use it! that is,Ferru fX ! if you want know about this indicator you must try it for your self! but I have to be honest, this indicator are hard to get, not sure why! but every time I download that indicator, it always fail! and bad news is, not many people discuss about this indicator! if you want to know more about, in the next post I will try to writes about ferrufx more details :)

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