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How To Trade Forex Successfully For Beginners : Smart Way

How To Trade on forex

If you just beginners and want to know how to trade forex successfully, you must read this page now! to become successful trader actually are not easy, cause there are so many factor involved to achieve success! from capital, skill, mentality and experiences!  trading forex basically same like doing other business! i.e buy low sell top! that's the most basic fundamental in all profitable business! 

So the big question is, how to make forex profitable ? the only thing that you can do to achieve success in forex is only one things! profitable trade! no more and no less! if you making a lot profitable trade! no matter how you do, no matter how figure it out, and no matter how learn! it doesn't matter at all! :)  most of forex trader fails simple because they have a lot of things on their mind! imagination, idealism, do this do that and bla..bla..blaa! 

Once I know about some forex trader, and he said to me, he want to know and to learn about forex! and he want to become forex experts, and something like that! actually that guy actually are good guys, just like you guys! nice, have money and want to take the risk! but the problems is, forex doesn't care about it! what forex care is, if you make more win than loss, then you will make profit :) a simple as is that!  when he saying he want to become experts and bla bla! to be honest, when he talk about this and that, I am saying to my self! even me I have to learn 4 fckng years about forex, still doesn't know much and predict 100% where market to go!  but my point is! actually you don't have to know or being an experts to become successful trader! 

All you need is to find a way, how to make your win trade more than your loss! there are two way to make this happen! first the hard way! you learn from A to Z about forex! learning basic about forex actually are quite easy! in just a week, I am sure you will know forex more than any other people in this industry! and I am sure you will think about your self that you are a real genius!( I do that) but to make profitable and consistent profit!(that's a different story) at least you'll need many many years! my point is, actually forex doesn't really care that much whether you are a genius ore not! 

the second way is! the easy way! find good trader, that already in this business for many many years! or find that kind of trader in some place, e.g zulu, mt4 forum, and etc! i.e signal provider! find 4 or 5 signal provider! subscribe to them! and see what happen next! are they really good and make your money double in no times, or not at all! if not, then find another and another! until you find best 5 signal provider! if you asking why 5 why not just 1 and choose the best one! well, there are no the best in forex :) the reason why you should find best 5 signal provider simply because diversification! in any investment or business diversification are the mother of consistency! :)  

the 3 way! find good software! robot. EA, indicator or what so ever! find good tools to make your trade profitable! no matter what human can trade and watch their PC all day long! :) unless you are real genius! lol :P but lets be real, ok! there is no such a thing! so find best software and test with demo account or virtual money! for about 1 or 6 month! if you already sure, that tools really works! put small capital! and don't to much! if that tool really good! believe it or not, it can make you money double in no times! but the big question is, what forex software that actually really really works ? :) good question!(if you ask)

Well, to be honest with you guys, actually there are no perfect tools! but, there's  a good tools  out there :) as long it make consistent profit every weeks or month! it doesn't matter right ? what really matter for you is!you make more money in the end of month to pay your electricity bills :) and its not have to be perfect and always win the trade all the times! cause there is no software like that!

if you already do the 3 way! learn the forex from A to Z, find signal provider, and the last one is, find forex software or forex robot to make consistent profit! if you can do this 3 things that I suggest you! believe it or not! you'll get your AHA moment ;) i.e profitable forex business! but if you think learning by your self and do everything by yourself! to cut the cost and budget :) well, come back and read again this pages ;) cause I am sure you'll need to read over again my 3 suggestion! :)

ok guys, have nice trips! and thank you for reading my articles about How To Trade forex Successfully for beginners!

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