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Trading Forex For A living How To

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if you curious about how to make a  living from trading forex, you must read this page now! actually to make a living from forex are possible, and no matter which level are you, actually it doesn't matter! you just need to outsmart the system and there you go ;) you make a living from forex!  so the big questions is How to make living from forex ? 

well, since you already spent your precious times to read my articles, I will give you 1 or 2 hints just to show my appreciation ;) first off we all if we talk about forex, its always be and must be profit! if we make profit, our forex investment can survive for long periods of times! but unfortunately not many people can do this! even G. Soros not always win with his trades! good news is, not always win all the times are very normal, no matter how good he is, there always be a loosing trade!  as long our wins rates better than loosing rates, over all our forex investment can be profitable! 

Ok, here's the 1 Million dollar questions! How to make consistent profit with forex ? ;) if you asking that question, I must say, you almost there! after so many many years I am doing forex, there is on principle in forex investment! win big, High risk! win small low risk ;) remember this always in your heads! at first maybe you will called this as stupid quotes! but if you already in forex, trust me! you'll agree with me 1000% :)

here's my question to convince my quote above! why do you think almost 99% forex trader always loose and fail with his forex investment ? the answer are simple, Greedy people will get slaughter like pig! :) most of the times every forex trader jump to a bandwagon simple because they think they can make1000% profit with forex! personally I don't blame if you think that way! even for me, I also think the same way! but after so many times having hard times with forex, I.e Forex Market always slaughter me like a pig! then I change my mind set! and Good news, is I already found the best strategy to make consistent profit!

there are 2 strategy that always be my favorite! the news strategy and Organic Hedging! you can read this articles on right sidebar! read those page and start to learn more with your own style! if you can combine those 2 strategy between News strategy and Organic Hedging! but if you prefer with simple and outsmart the system, actually you can! all you need is to find the best forex signal provider! after that, all you need is to follow their trade suggestion! if you thinks his trade profitable, you can copy their trade! 

a few suggestion if you want to go to this route! find at least 4 signal provider at minimal! 5 or 6 if you can! if your budget allow you to trade, lets say $50-500 perday! all you have to do is trade 5 pair or 5 different suggestion and set stop loss with 20 or 50 pips! and take profit with same pips or lower! no matter what, diversification are always good in every investment! you can ask successful people warren, or Bill gates! never put your eggs in single basket! because that's a bad business! and the last is, think small! and stop think big! almost every people in this worlds are always think big, but with small actions! in the end the result are very very disappointed :) from now, think small and make decent action! you don't need to spent $1 million dollar to spent in forex! try with small capital, 100 or maybe $500! if you can trun $100 to 110, in just matter of days! I must say you almost there! $10 are small! but getting $10 just by doing buy and sell! are everyone dreams! 
Imagine if you make $10 perday and make hundreds or even thousand transaction! that's right you make ten thousand dollar per day! :) the only question left, and your jobs is to find the answer! all you need is testing it out! here is a little tips about business! its all about test and trial! you need to test it, after you found which one that really actually works! then scale the hell out ;) and that's it! you are on your way baby ;) oh yeah! 

thanks for reading friends ;)

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