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Hello, my name is Harrist, you can call me aris or harrist! just FYI  I am a man! the reason I tell you, cause sometime some people think that I am not! not so sure why! anyway, this is my forex blogs, since I trade forex many years, so I was thinking why not blogging about forex,  right? at least, I know what my niche are! if you have something to ask, send me email (contact me page), I will try my best, to give solution! just be patient for my reply! I know what most newbies deal with! especially if you really really new in this industry! I was in your shoes a few years a go, and most newbies trader having same issue!  e.g Lost trade, Big loss, Margin call, Greedy, having difficulties to analyze market, and many more! to be honest I am not typical of technical trader, in fact I prefer with News and fundamental analysis, since my background in Management Economic, (graduate at 2008)

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