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The Reason why I made this Forex Blogs, simple because I want to share one or two stuff about forex, maybe not much, but at least I share what I already knows! at some point sometime I also think, why should I create forex blogs, is it because of money, or because other reason! to be honest who doesn't like money right ? everyone in this worlds love money, but it doesn't mean we have to go crazy about it! there's some old saying, about money! if we go after them, they will run away! but if we try to ignore it, they will come by itself! this wisdom are really happen in real life! the reason simple because, if we do something just because of money it will ruin everything! but if we do something that we really love about, money will come simple because we do a good works! I am not saying or claim about what I do is good! I am just saying, even if my blogs not good or have bad grammar (lol) I will try to give best quality of Forex knowledge!

I know how it feel when we become forex trader! especially when we new in this industry! really tough, no one help,all we get only a bull of crap! and most of the time are simple to buy stuff! it's ok to sell something and you guys also have to know that an Industry without selling a product and make profit the industry itself will destroy, simple because its not profitable! as long that we buy or sell that have good value and can increase other people investment why not ? even my self have no objection about that! ok enough about my crap! (lol)  ok guys, Lets Start Forex tutorial ;)

Another Web Forex resources:

 If you type technical freaks, try, they can save your times! even my self sometimes visit them just to check from technical perspective! but if you fundamental typ, try forex factory calendar or fx street!

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